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The black swan events of 2020 have resulted in a devastating blow to the global financial markets, and we seem to be on the verge of another financial crisis again. We need to ask ourselves: “How do we deal with it? What measures can we take to protect our assets?”

These questions are why Hyper Consensus has decided to launch a brand-new initiative – "The Sandbox Program" utilizing a brand-new consensus system to benefit the overall community. “The Sandbox Program” will develop a “Managed-Floating Economic Model” for the community. That is, each member of Hyper Community will jointly observe the Hyper Consensus mechanism to ensure a unified consensus in the block network.

Building a decentralized autonomous organizational system, Hyper Consensus mechanism will maintain a fair, transparent, and open asset management platform. Through a set of intricately-designed algorithms, and an independent decentralized economic mechanism, we have finally achieved a consensus system that can operate perpetually in theory. It represents freedom, privacy, and the true value of consensus.

Hyper Consensus will propel everyone into a new age of digital economy. It will deliver value and wealth through consensus, thereby building a new trust mechanism for society, and promote global economic development.


The Sandbox Program

“The Sandbox Program” is a powerful design that will continuously maintain the operations of the Hyper Consensus ecosystem, just like a perpetual motion machine, and will provide a perpetual flow of liquidity in the intermediate market. In the past, it was easy to cause asset price fluctuations and disturbances in the financial markets, which was not conducive to long-term stability.

The concept of the intermediate market was thus proposed by Hyper Consensus, allowing “The Sandbox Program” to operate with maximum efficiency. While ensuring that all transactions are conducted in a decentralized manner, it can also incentivize the community to join in promotional activities and the creation of master nodes. This will not only increase the number of users within Hyper Consensus, but also ensure the stability and security of the entire network.

What is Hyper Consensus?

The Sandbox Program

Absolute scarcity

Excellent safe-haven assets

Flexible matching system

Resistant to inflation

The Sandbox

Decentralized trading

Distributed liquidity

Strong Conensus

Promotes long-term stability

How do the Tokens in Hyper Consensus Appreciate &
Maintain their Value?

Hyper Consensus Ascending Spiral

An Ascending Spiral that Creates a New Golden Age

There is a core factor as to why Hyper Consensus can only appreciate in value – the ascending spiral business model of Hyper Consensus ensures a steady rise in price level. We know that there are market-makers or liquidity-management teams for most cryptocurrencies in the market. Conversely, there are no market-makers for Hyper Consensus; even the founding team is anonymous. This means that this token is similar to Bitcoin in the sense that there is no centralized management. So why would the price of a token go up when there is no management team, let alone a market-maker?

The answer remains unchanged – the ascending spiral business model. Employed by Hyper Consensus, such a model will base its variable benchmarks on the number of users and rising prices. A maximum sum of 21 million tokens will be issued, with a periodical token-burning mechanism along with a hard-coded rule of never issuing additional tokens. These measures ensure that the cash flow of the Hyper Consensus Ecosystem is deflationary on a relatively balanced basis.

Hyper Consensus Managed-FLoating Economic Model

Industry’s First Ever Managed-Floating Economic Model

When we look back at the past ten years of the industry, we can see that a small group have succeeded, while the rest have failed. The worst fears of most traders seem to be identifying a project to buy the bottom, only to find the prices dropping further the very next day. To avoid such a scenario, and to revitalize the entire industry, Hyper Consensus has created a managed-floating economic model, establishing an ironclad system whereby prices can only rise, never fall. This means that any member joining Hyper Consensus will never encounter the possibility of a price drop.

In Hyper Consensus, the worst-case scenario would be limited to a slow appreciation in price level when there are fewer new members. There will never be a price drop, or a situation whereby a member incurs a loss. In addition, Hyper Consensus has guaranteed something that other projects can never promise: there will not be whales, nor will there be one person with a lion’s share of tokens, nor a market-making team that artificially manipulates prices. All these ensure that there will be true liquidity within the market for Hyper Consensus, and members will never have to fear for price dumping.

Together with HyperCommunity, it ensures the stable rise of currency prices, maintains market rules, thereby restoring market investor confidence. Such a mechanism ensures the principles of fairness, justness, transparency, and consensus, efficiently transfer the value concept of blockchain, and uses a new consensus model to build a community with common interests.


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