Investing is not to preserve your capital;
But to continue growing it.

A few friends have asked the same question when investing in assets: how long will it take for me to recoup my capital? Little did they know that this question is fundamentally flawed. Nobody asks when they can recoup their capital when investing in banking products; just as nobody asks when they can recoup their capital when buying properties, or how nobody that bought Bitcoin 12 years ago asked that question.

The truth is that investments are never about preserving your capital, but growing it. Created by Hyper Community, Hyper Consensus was created based on a culmination of a decade’s worth of practical knowledge and theoretical wisdom within the traditional financial industry, thereby becoming a uniquely new economic model that was distilled from the team’s experience in the industry.

If you have missed out on the stock exchange or real estate boom, or even missed out on buying some Bitcoin, choose Hyper Consensus now to avoid missing out on yet another opportunity. With Hyper Consensus’s stable model, you will receive sustainable profits by choosing an asset that can stand the test of time.

Compound Interest -
the Strongest Weapon in the World

Let us examine the ways to turn 7,000 dollars into a million dollars. Such an idea may seem ludicrous, but can be easily achieved through reasonable wealth management strategies. It all boils down to whether you have mastered the art of compounding interests. Compound interest is the addition of interest to the principal sum of an investment, simply put, it’s using money to grow money. Hyper Consensus employs a “Managed-Floating Economic Model” that allows you to recoup your capital swiftly, while the “Ascending Spiral Business Model” comes in to grow your wealth by several levels, all while adhering to the principles of stability and sustainability. The combination of both models forms an investment strategy that can compete with the very best in the current market climate. Hyper Consensus will operate with the premise of sustainable returns, and will create a system whereby prices will only progressively appreciate. Hyper Consensus will take advantage of simple yet effective measures to open your path towards financial freedom!

A perpetual cycle of success and wealth;
Begins with you and me.

The most unfair point for most projects is the inevitable realization of the theory “the early bird catches the worm”, where the early adopters will gain a substantial advantage over the later ones, and the gap is highly impossible to overcome. Such a scenario will hinder the progress of the entire system, and will cause a lot of talented investors to become dejected and leave eventually. However, Hyper Consensus will employ two mechanisms: “3x strike-out” rule and “Original Rebuy Prohibition”, so that even the earliest adopter can be placed under a new user, and even a whole team can be placed under the network of a new user. This truly espouses the theory of creating a perpetual cycle of success and wealth based on the joint effort of the community, where new and original members can work together to achieve great things together, and no one will ever be left out.

The art of investment lies in choosing the right product, the right person, and the right values.
Master the art of investment and you will be able to innovate, to prosper, and to shape the future.

Since the beginning of 2020, the economy has been in dire shambles. Affected by plummeting international oil prices and the impact brought about by COVID-19, many countries have implemented interest rate cuts and expansionary monetary policies. Countries like America have even unveiled extreme plans like a $2 trillion stimulus program in a bid to revitalize the market. We can boldly predict that the next wave of hyperinflation may be nearing. Capital preservation, a concept long favoured in the past, may just result in losses in the near future. Only by identifying the best investment opportunities to grow your capital can you survive the upcoming turmoil in the financial markets.

Why is Hyper Consensus the best asset choice in 2020?

Firstly, any investment that goes through its “Managed-Floating Economic Model” has the potential to grow infinitely. Such a simple step can allow you to protect your wealth regardless of the market conditions. Secondly, an investment may be boiled down to choosing the right person to invest with. Hyper Consensus fulfils this condition by relying on blockchain experts and market leaders, with excellent connections within the blockchain industry. Many other projects may find it impossible to compete with our resources and aptitude. Thirdly, any project with limited gains will always end someday, and only the best assets like Bitcoin and Hyper Consensus will continue to dominate the market. Together, we can grow Hyper Consensus to a level parallel to Bitcoin.