Analysis of the Global Financial Environment

Global energy prices have fallen three times towards the end of March 2020, while U.S. stocks triggered four meltdowns. Meanwhile, the market value of cryptocurrencies suffered similar losses. The global financial market has officially entered a technical bear market. The traditional financial industry is facing huge challenges, and the offline real economy is actively transitioning in a bid for survival. We are on the verge of a new round of global financial crisis.

Hyper Consensus Intermediate Market

How to Seize the Opportunity?

How to triumph amidst this crisis is what we all need to think about now. At present, most enterprises in traditional finance will seek to integrate into the new financial industry, and Internet companies will be deeply tied to blockchain for future tech development. Therefore, the disruptive role of blockchain seems like an inevitable trend. The major reshuffle of global assets brought about by the latest crisis serves as both a challenge and an opportunity.

Hyper Consensus Intermediate Market

What was the Trigger of the Financial Crisis?

Till date, the Fed has injected a large amount of cash into the market for more than ten years. Although the US economy grew rapidly during this period, artificially extending the current business cycle is a recipe for disaster in the long run. Infinite printing will cause fiat to depreciate in value if it exceeds market supply and demand, and inflation will also cause prices to soar.

Hyper Consensus Intermediate Market

America’s Countermeasures for the Financial Crisis

Recently, the US Senate passed an economic stimulus plan of US $2 trillion. In order to ensure the effectiveness of its monetary policy, it will buy back U.S. bonds and MBS on an unlimited basis. In order to regulate the economy, the Fed promulgated fiscal policy and also implemented monetary policy. Looking back at the cryptocurrency industry, what sort of measures can help the industry recover?

Hyper Consensus Intermediate Market

Countermeasures in the Blockchain

Industry for the Financial Crisis

Hyper Community is proud to announce the launch of a brand-new “Market Preservation Mechanism” – Hyper Consensus, which seeks to integrate the ecological construction into a system that can bring about common benefits to all. Hyper Consensus marks a revolutionary pinnacle of blockchain, being a high-quality project that defines the next decade of blockchain. This time, we will completely redefine the future!

Hyper Consensus Intermediate Market

The Value of Consensus

Using Bitcoin as a reference, long-term support for its consensus system, and the stable trading environment that evolved from that, have all became strong supports that maintain the value of Bitcoin. These characteristics have strengthened the formation of Bitcoin’s consensus, as the early consensus of Bitcoin was simply a common understanding by everyone on its system and functionality. The basic economic framework of Bitcoin can only be changed when the public reaches a consensus on it. Therefore, the value of Bitcoin is the value of its consensus.

Hyper Consensus Intermediate Market

The Meaning of Hyper Consensus

The value of every network lies in its consensus. Every member of Hyper Community will abide by the Hyper Consensus mechanism to reach a unified consensus in the block network. Such a synergy amongst each community member in the distributed network will be an important part of the Hyper Consensus network. The rules that have been hard-coded into the protocol ensure that there will be a single source of data that will be accounted for and verified by the network.

Hyper Consensus Intermediate Market

Consensus Equates to Value

The consensus mechanism will continuously expand the community with an incentive system, thereby ensuring that members within the community obtain stable returns. The ascending spiral business model employed by Hyper Consensus will base its variable benchmarks on the number of users and rising prices. A maximum sum of 21 million tokens will be issued, with a periodical token-burning mechanism along with a hard-coded rule of never issuing additional tokens. These measures ensure that the cash flow of the Hyper Consensus Ecosystem is deflationary on a relatively balanced basis.

Hyper Consensus Intermediate Market

Leading the Industry's Future Development

The next era will be one of global economic integration. A strong consensus mechanism will quickly lead the entire industry into the next decade, building a global strategic partnership system. Hyper Consensus will swiftly expand worldwide, and will promote the ecological development of the industry. Such an innovative model will promote the continuous development of the intermediate market, and use a new consensus model to build a community with shared interests.

Hyper Consensus Intermediate Market
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