First, there was gold, then miners came along. The discovery of gold was accidental, and full of mysteries. However, its high value has made gold prospectors determined to move forward and succeed, though it was unfortunate that some of them made the wrong decisions, some used the wrong tools, and some were ruthlessly exploited. Looking back at history, we can’t help but make a bold assumption: instead of trudging along the same paths that led to failure, why not walked on the route less travelled, and create a new future? The success of Bitcoin was due to a series of fortunate events, and as such, it seems almost impossible to replicate its success. Only by understanding the true reasons behind Bitcoin success, and creating a strict set of financial rules to guarantee the success of the project, can we truly emulate the success of Bitcoin, and adapt it in the next era.

This time, we will no longer be helpless gold-miners.

With Hyper Consensus, we will be the master of our own fates!

Art Of Trading

There are many things in the world that defines its value by its price, and their price will continuously increase as society matures, as the economy grows, and as inflation occurs. Such a phenomenon would repeatedly change an asset’s perceived values in one’s eyes. Look at Tesla’s share price, it rose by 28 times in the past decade. What about Coca-Cola? A company that has been around for more than a century still managed to double in share price in the past ten years. Or even assets like coins, artworks, etc. that have no value anchor – appreciating in value by tens of times seem effortless for them. Only when we have an asset that can maintain its competitiveness and value-added qualities, can we truly survive in such tumultuous times.

Hyper Consensus was born from such beliefs. The future value of Hyper Consensus will be several times higher than any of the aforementioned products – we are aiming for a hundred times, a thousand times, possibly even a million times of limitless growth. The ascending spiral business model employed by Hyper Consensus will ensure that its prices steadily appreciate in a progressive manner. Technological progress in the 21st century seems to be astounding, as researchers find new breakthroughs almost daily. However, such a feat is only possible with the input of ever-increasing funding. As society evolves, so too will the value of our asset, as it gets supported by technology of increasing sophistication.

We are confident that the stock markets and property prices will continue to grow in the next decade. Under such conditions, Bitcoin and Hyper Consensus will only keep increasing in value, and it may soon be a hefty task for an individual to own a single Bitcoin.

The goal of investing is not to preserve your wealth, but to constantly grow it. Improve upon your quality of life by choosing the right assets to invest in, and you will never have to worry a day in your life.

Art Of Trading